Jackie Gadret

Jackie Gadret is a professional coach trained in Coactive Coaching as taught by CTI, Coaches Training Institute. Jackie lives her life with purpose and balance. She is deeply committed to her clients’ success, happiness and peace. Jackie believes that you are the leader of your life and must take responsibility for what you are creating in your life, reconnecting to your inner self and authentically honoring your values. As a coach, she believes that everyone is naturally resourceful, creative and whole. Ultimately you are the expert of your life and you know what is best for you. Jackie's mission is to help you become aware of that inner wisdom and take clear action.

2012, a New Year of Wellness

"Having just returned from a wonderful yoga and meditation retreat the first week of the year has given me much inspiration and connection with a personal project for wellness programs and networking in Paris in English, Spanish and French. I am very fortunate to meet many professionals offering wellness services and workshops to the local community and I have often thought that pooling these resources together would be a wonderful way to create a wellness center that could eventually become a physical space in Paris. This is only the beginning but I wanted to share the dream and I will share more and more as I move forward in this journey. I welcome any dreamers and collaborators to join me in co-creating this with me!"

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Personal Coaching and Reiki
My personal coaching practice helps you decide what you want most in life and taking action while creating the vision and life you want. Coaching helps you identify the values that drive and guide you so that you have more clarity and ease in making important life decisions. As your coach, I will also help you bring yourself back to center, have more focus and create more harmony in your life. I also offer Reiki Healing Therapy for a gentle body energy work.